A New Family of CRISPR Proteins

Cas12l prefers to cut supercoiled DNA.

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Newly unearthed CRISPR proteins, discovered in a little-known phylum of gram-negative bacteria called Armatimonadetes, have been dubbed Cas12l. The reason is simple: Scientists have already discovered Cas12a-k.

But these new proteins are worth noting for a few reasons. Much like other Cas proteins, they are guided to a DNA target by a short piece of RNA, measuring 20 nucleotides in length. But unlike similar proteins, which cut DNA near T-rich PAM sequences — the short motif near a DNA target that is required for recognition — Cas12l cleaves near C-rich PAM sequences (specifically CCY, where Y is either C or T).

These proteins are also quite small, making it more likely they’ll fit inside of viruses that are commonly used for gene therapies. Tested Cas12l proteins measure 860 amino acids in length. Cas12a (the most commonly used Cas12 protein) is big; between 1200 and 1500 amino acids.

Panel A shows the genetic loci for various Cas12l proteins. The accessory proteins Cas1, Cas2 and Cas4 are all present. Panel B shows the broad diversity of Cas12 proteins, which now extends through family ‘L’!

After cleaving its target DNA, Cas12l also goes on a brief hunting spree, indiscriminately chopping up nearby single-stranded DNA and RNA sequences. This feature could be exploited for future diagnostics, much like Cas12a has been.

A specific version of Cas12l, called Asp2Cas12l, was also expressed in E. coli bacteria and, once inside, successfully chopped up double-stranded DNA. This suggests that Cas12l is portable — it can be used in a broad lineup of organisms for genetic engineering.

The new study was spearheaded by Tomas Urbaitis and Virginijus Šikšnys at Vilnius University in Lithuania. Šikšnys was among the first scientists to demonstrate that Cas9 can be programmed to cut DNA. He submitted an article on that subject to Cell Reports on April 18th, 2012. It was desk rejected by the editor. Šikšnys re-submitted the paper to PNAS one month later, on May 21st, and it took several months for review and publication.

On June 8th of that year, Martin Jinek, Jennifer Doudna, and Emmanuelle Charpentier submitted their famous paper, “A Programmable Dual-RNA–Guided DNA Endonuclease in Adaptive Bacterial Immunity,” to Science. It was (rightfully) accepted just 12 days later.

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— Niko McCarty

A silkworm, called Bombyx mori, makes the majority of our planet’s silk. About 146,000 tons are made in China alone each year. This insect’s silk is strong, tough, and light. A single bug can synthesize 20-35% of its own weight in silk in a single week. For a new study, researchers made transgenic silkworms — that is, they inserted new genes into the bugs — that cause them to excrete ‘supercharged’ silk proteins. The engineered silk was stronger (more tolerant of stress), had a higher crystallinity, and released moisture faster than normal silk. Nature Communications (Link)

A gene called C9ORF72 encodes a protein that is important for transporting other proteins within a cell. Sometimes a specific string of DNA — GGGGCC — is inserted many times within this gene. Such insertions are the most common genetic cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a devastating and incurable condition that causes nerve cells to slowly break down over time. For a new study, the gene-editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9, was used to remove the repetitive DNA from C9ORF72, both in neurons grown in cell culture and in the brains of living mice. The genetic excision reduced some cellular hallmarks that are commonly associated with ALS, but much more research is needed before this therapeutic tool is tested in people or even chimps. Nature Communications (Link)

Men produce about 10% more 1st author papers — and collect 17% more citations — compared to their female counterparts. The discrepancy — based on an analysis of 42,000 PhD students at 235 institutions in the U.S. — persists even after matching graduate students by program and advisor. This effect disappeared when women joined labs with a same-gender advisor — and about 58% did exactly that. bioRxiv (Link)

Table 2 from “The Gender Gap Amongst Doctoral Students in the Biomedical” by Michael D. Schaller.

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