Synthetic Embryo, sans Egg & Sperm

Two studies this month have reported synthetic mouse embryos that can grow for 8.5 days without using eggs or sperm.

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Two studies this month have reported synthetic mouse embryos that can grow for 8.5 days without using eggs or sperm. News coverage has been surprisingly sparse (outside of the science journals), considering the massive implications and ethical consequences of this work.

The embryos were created by mixing stem cells and aerating them under Goldilocks-like conditions. My coverage won’t do the papers justice, but Nature wrote about them here (albeit focused on Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz’s paper, which was published after the efforts led by Jacob Hanna, in Cell, on August 1st).

Elsewhere: Genome editing can be directed to specific cell types by adding antibody fragments to the CRISPR delivery vehicle. This is nothing new: Prior work from Jennifer Doudna’s team showed that Cas9 particles are delivered solely to CD4+ T-cells when virus-like particles (the delivery vehicle) are tagged with HIV-1 glycoprotein. But in a preprint published this week, Doudna’s team expanded their “CRISPR-targeting” tools, demonstrating that antibody fragments, displayed on Cas9-enveloped particles, “target genome editing tools to specific cells.” The specificity persisted “even when target cells are rare (~2%) in the population.”

And finally, I’m co-author on a new paper in Nature Communications. We report a method to do simultaneous CRISPR activation and CRISPR inhibition in yeast cells, with up to 24 guide RNAs in parallel. We used this method to target “11 genes in central metabolism in a single transformation, achieving a 45-fold increase in succinic acid.” Oh yeah, and the whole thing is inducible, with low leakiness. We hope the tool will be broadly useful for prototyping metabolic engineering designs. I’ll write more about this paper soon. Thanks for reading.

Bio(tech) Index

(↑ = recommended article, * = open access, † = review, comment, etc. )

Basic Research

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Biomanufacturing & Metabolic Engineering

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↑*La révolution de l’ADN: biocompatible and biosafe DNA data storage. Maes A…Lemaire SD. bioRxiv (preprint). Link

  • A French team reports a DNA data storage system that organizes information “on long double-stranded replicative DNA molecules” and has, theoretically, unlimited storage capacity. As a proof-of-concept, they store the full texts of “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 and the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the 5 Female Citizen published in 1791.” Each strip of DNA was then dried and stored in a metallic capsule, thus “ensuring their stability for thousands of years. The data could be read many times with 100% fidelity.”

Computational Tools & Models

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CRISPR & Gene Editing

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↑Craspase is a CRISPR RNA-guided, RNA-activated protease. Hu C…Ke A. Science. Link

  • Well shit. Last week, I wrote about a preprint that showed Cas7-11 acts as an RNA-guided protease. But the same has already been shown, by a separate group, in a Science paper out this week! The mechanism — namely, the interactions between Cas7-11 and Csx29 / Csx30 — are confirmed via cryoEM.

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Genetic Circuits

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Gene Synthesis & Assembly

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Medicine & Diagnostics

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Protein & Molecular Engineering

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Tools & Technology

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— Niko McCarty

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