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Sep 14
$2 Billion to Build the Bioeconomy
Sep 12
Fancy French Cheese Made with Microbes
Sep 06
David Baker Launches Vilya with $50 Million
Jun 21
A Button, Under the Skin, Releases Insulin from Electro-Sensing Cells
Apr 27
AI-Designed Enzyme Eats Plastic
Apr 09
$180M for Anti-Aging Biotech & CRISPR Patent Appeal
Apr 01
Flexible CRISPR System & Ginkgo Earnings Call
Mar 30
Hemophilia Gene Therapy Success & Biotech Funding Surge
Mar 30
Microbial Cocoon Helps Cells Penetrate, Shrink Tumors
Mar 30
New Sequencer Reads 1 Billion Nucleotides for $5
Mar 09
Extinct Christmas Island Rat Genome Sequenced; Plans for De-Extinction
Mar 08
Gene Therapy Priced at $2M, Age Differs Across the Body
Mar 02
Berkeley Loses CRISPR Case
Feb 27
Electronics Meet Microbes: Tiny 'Smart' Pill Senses Gut Inflammation
Feb 23
Carbon-Negative Chemicals, Eli Lilly Plans $700M Boston Institute, Top 10 Biotech IPOs
Feb 21
Latest Research in Synthetic Biology
Feb 18
Meat From Air, Synthego Raises $200M
Feb 16
Controlling the Brain with Ultrasound
Feb 11
Woolly Mammoth Patents
Apr 02
Synthetic Cell Divides Like Normal