What I Believe

This is what I believe:

  1. The ability to understand and harness biotechnology will enable unprecedented benefits to humanity, but could also contribute to its destruction.
  2. Biotechnology is the most impactful development of the 21st century. It is as, or more, important to humanity’s long-term success than artificial intelligence, and yet public awareness of how it works, or why it matters, is disturbingly limited. It is the greatest tool that has ever existed to reduce animal suffering, expand longevity, and eradicate disease. I have a moral responsibility to educate the public about the promise of biotechnology. This will increase the odds of long-term survival for sentient beings.
  3. It is better to act today than tomorrow. The faster I move, the more likely I will be able to benefit humanity in a way that tangibly improves the planet and ourselves. 
  4. It’s better to do nothing than to do something of low quality. Do not seek flattery. Make every effort to understand other arguments, steelman them, and arrive at independent conclusions.
  5. All you can do is your best, but never do less. Hold your teams to almost impossible standards. Be kind, but honest. Optimism is a powerful vehicle for constructive growth.
Nerve cells in a dog’s olfactory bulb. Camillo Golgi (1885).